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Sydney Edwards


Hi! My name is Sydney Edwards and I'm a senior here. I love writing, drawing and painting and try to do it as much as humanly possible. Listening to music is the most relaxing thing in the world to me besides sitting down and...

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Nicole Bracken


Hi! My name is Nicole, and I am a junior at BJHS. I enjoy going on walks outside, cheer, art and driving for no reason. I love spending time with my family and friends. One of my favorite things to do is make art. I enjoy painting...

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Love Lundy


Hi! I'm Love Lundy, a freshman here at Bob Jones. I love Adventure Time, outdated memes, Chick-Fil-A, Chinese food, and WINTERGREEN ALTOIDS. I also love every genre of music except for country. I am interested in either going...

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Hadley Rosengrant


Hello! My name is Hadley Rosengrant, and I am a Freshman at Bob Jones. I love photography and science jokes (think like a proton and stay positive *finger guns*) I am currently interested in a job in the medical field. I have l...

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Lia Degenaar


I am a Junior at Bob Jones High School. From a young age, I've always been fascinated with the unique world of reading stories and creating my own. Now that I've grown, I've practiced my talents by writing fiction stories. I'm in...

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Sade Kinnaird


Hi, I am in the 9th grade, and I run track here at Bob Jones High School. When I grow up, I plan to be in the Olympics for track and field, and if that doesn't work out, I plan to major in business and work at a desk somewhe...

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Brian Spradlin


My name is Brian Spradlin My main hobby/work is blacksmithing. It is a family tradition that I have been doing for 5 years now; I can make anything from a ring to any assortment of bladed weapon. I'm not sure what career I want t...

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Chameron Hope


I'm a Junior at Bob Jones High School. I enjoy gaming and hanging out with friends. I plan on being a shark biologist and want to attend the University of Miami. While I'm there, I plan on majoring in marine biology and getting m...

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Maddy Moe


Hey! My name is Maddy and I'm a freshman at BJHS. I like to play piano and ukulele, to watch Game Grumps, and to watch a whole lot of anime. As for college, I have no clue where I'd like to go; I just want it to be somewhere ...

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Sydney Pennywell


I am a freshman at Bob Jones High School. I enjoy reading books, preferably fantasy books. I am in the color guard. The season is over, so now I am in winter guard, which is competition. I do not really know what career I want to ...

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Belle Ivey


I am a freshman at Bob Jones High School. I love to read romance books and write about little things that come to mind. I definitely want to improve my writing skills and become a strong writer. As of right now, I'm obsessed wit...

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Heidi Kaeding


Hello! I'm freshman at Bob Jones High School who enjoys having around with my friends. I enjoy history and may want to become a historian in the future. I was born in China and came to Alabama at a very young age, and to this...

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Marcia McCoy


Hi, I am a tenth grader, and I am a part of the Bob Jones Marching Band. I am also involved in Key Club at Bob Jones. I have been involved with band since 6 grade. When I grow up, I would love to attend Auburn University or th...

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Brayla Fearn


Hey! My name is Brayla, and I am currently in the 10th grade! I love hanging out with my family and friends and going out and experiencing life. I really love animals and children. I have 3 dogs and a little brother at home that...

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Ethan Worcester


I am a sophomore here at Bob Jones. I enjoy listening to music, hanging out with my friends, and playing/watching sports. I love playing soccer and have played travel ball for several years now. I'd like to attend the University...

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Liam Pannell


I am a senior. I play in two active local bands. I skateboard, create different art, and enjoy the outdoors.

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Serenity Peirson


Hello! I'm a freshman at Bob Jones High school. I really love to read and write. When I graduate I plan on being a 2nd-grade teacher. I honestly don't know where I plan to go to college, but I want to be in Indiana because tha...

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Dominque Darby

Writer, Artist, Photographer

Writer, I'm pretty chill and a little funny. I want to go to Calhoun Community College. I want to become a Computer Engineer eventually. I like to have fun, listen to music, play basketball, and sleep....

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Marissa Plunk

Writer, Artist, Photographer

Hi! I am a senior here at Bob Jones High School. I love hiking, rock climbing, crafts, refurbishing furniture, the outdoors and photography. I am the co-president of photography club here at Bob Jones. In my free time I enjoy v...

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Toni Glover


Hi! My name is Toni, and I'm a freshman. I love to read and write and I like being online a lot, from browsing social media to playing video games. I consider myself a tech-savvy, or at least that's what my friends and family ...

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Lakyn Shepard

Writer, Artist, Photographer

Hey hey(:  I'm Lakyn and a senior here at Bob Jones High School. I play volleyball for the school team, love art, and play bass for Crosspointe Church. I will be attending UAB and be majoring in Graphic Design.    &...

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Anna Deaton

Writer, Artist, Photography

I'm currently a senior at Bob Jones. I plan on going to Auburn University as a Graphic Design major with a possible minor in marketing. I've always been really into art, pen and ink being my favorite medium. You'll almost alw...

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Soumyaa Utlapalli

Writer, Artist

Hi, I'm Soumyaa and I'm a junior. I love singing, dancing, acting, and all things related. I'm a HUGE nerd for science, and planned to be some sort of doctor since I was pretty young. Just recently, however, I realized I'm and...

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Cassie Volkin

Writer, Artist

I like to draw, write, and program, and I want to go to Calarts, Ringling, SCAD, or another top school for animation.

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Magge McNamara


My name is Maggie McNamara, and I am a senior at Bob Jones. I love to play with my dog and watch 80's and 90's movies. I want to go to the University of West Florida and major in pre-professional biology. After college I want ...

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Maren Stauch


Hey there! I'm Maren Stauch, and I am a freshman here at Bob Jones. I enjoy cheering for Bob Jones, reading, writing, eating, and watching Netflix. I want to be a writer or a historian when I grow up. I've always been in Madison Ci...

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Nicholas Samaras


I would like to be a flight attendant when I grow up because that would be fun. I want to go to University of North Alabama (UNA). I want to study trying to be safe....

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William Spiegel


Hi, I'm William Spiegel, and I'm a Junior at Bob Jones High School. I enjoy writing and have experience writing for my former school's newspaper the "Oakton Outlook." Along with writing, I love watching baseball and spending way too...

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Ellie Cornett


I am a freshman, and I am interested in a career as a a special affects technician. I enjoy singing, reading, hanging out with friends, and being creative. I want to got to a college that will help me achieve my goal, and even ...

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Danielle Warren


I'm interested in illustration or pursuing a career in concept art for TV and movies. I'm also willing to take a career in counseling. I'm still undecided on a college choice, but as of now Nossi and Pratt have piqued my interes...

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Christopher Zuckern


Hello, there random person. I am a senior at this school. I've lived in the area since birth. I love to write (especially scripts), watch movies, play guitar/bass/piano, and hang with friends. Yep, I guess that's it....

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Ford Thornton


I am a junior; I run cross country. I want to do something that involves journalism or some form of writing. I want to get into UAH, but I also want to travel so if an out-of-state school will take me, I'll go....

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Natacha Smith


I want to be a forensic scientist when I am older. I want to investigate crime scenes and help others who have suffered or have had someone close suffer. I plan on going to college in Texas and getting a Bachelor's degree in ...

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Emily Bethea


Hi, I'm Emily and I'm a freshman. I like to draw, bake, and watch anime. I have other hobbies too, but these are my favorite. I don't know exactly what college I want to attend, but I plan to study abroad and study culinary arts...

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Abigail Jackson


I plan to pursue the career of child psychology, and I plan to go to Auburn. A few things I like to do on the side include reading, writing, drawing, and listen to music. My favorite genre of books is horror. ...

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Zoe Howard


Hey, my name is Zoe Howard. I am a sophomore who is currently doing track. I enjoy photography and reading in my spare time. I want to major in computer science engineering along with cosmetology. ...

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Ana Vazquez


Hi, I am Ana Vazquez, a senior at Bob Jones High School. I love to listen to music, watch movies and play my violin. I came to United State when I was 7 year old. I have been to Bob Jones for 4 years and I love it. I want to be...

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Jacob Little


My name is Jacob Little, and I am a senior at BJHS. I not sure on what exactly I want to in terms of a career, but I am interested in journalism. I'm also interested in many other things. I've been in band for five years. I do...

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Livia Hazuga


Hi, my name is Livia. I am a senior at Bob Jones High School. I have been on color guard for three years and love it very much. I love to spend time with my friends and family. Although I am a senior, I am not sure what I wan...

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Michael Dub


Hello, my name is Mike Dub, and I am a sophomore at the moment at Bob Jones High School. When I go to college I wish to become a M.D when I graduate. In in my free time, I like to spend time with family, friends, cook, watch tv...

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Isabella Brengman


My name is Isabella Marie Brengman. I'm currently a junior, and I would like to attend the University of Alabama, Birmingham. I'm going to major in nursing and minor in creative writing. I am Co Captain of the Bob Jones girls ...

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Skylar Anderson


My name is Skylar Anderson, and I am freshman at Bob Jones High School. I enjoy playing softball and drawing. When I graduate, I plan on getting a Doctors Degree in Pharmacy and hopefully go to UA....

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Harper Dawes


I am a junior at Bob Jones. I am in the medical track here. I want to be a pediatrician or a surgeon, I haven't decided yet. I love working with children and babysit in my free time. I also am the lead singer in a rock band... ...

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Maggie Moore


Hello! I am a senior here and am passionate about theatre, art, and writing- really any form of creative storytelling. I work at my karate studio as an instructor and have trained there since kindergarten. I plan on pursuing a c...

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Johnathan Hampton


Hello! My name is Johnathan Hampton, and I'm a rising sophomore here at Bob Jones High School. I plan to attend Auburn University after I graduate, and I plan to become a Plant Geneticist later in life. In my free time I enjoy wr...

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Jacob Moyers


I am Jacob Moyers. I am a senior at Bob Jones High School. I have an interest in Forensics and am interested in going to Middle Tennessee State University to get a degree in that field. I enjoy walking, reading, breathing, a...

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James Kendall


Hi, I'm James. I've played guitar for a couple years and wrestled all my life. However, I have chosen not to wrestle senior year do to my academic schedule. Out of high school, I plan to attend college for a nursing program. Poss...

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Olivia Carroll


I am a senior here at Bob Jones High School. I am largely involved in our theatre department and participate by acting in the shows. I also intend on attending the University of Alabama next fall. I may be unsure about my fut...

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Ashton Jah


My name is Ashton, and I am currently a sophomore at Bob Jones. My favorite subject is English, and I enjoy writing and making music. I am a current member of the Tri-M Music Honors Society and play Alto Saxophone in the Bob Jone...

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Morgan Hargrove


Hi! I am a sophomore this year at Bob Jones. I'm the President of PD Club (you should join! ;) ) I'm also in Taekwondo club. I love to create art, photography, and dance. I want to be a physician, but still dance on the side....

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Megan Sheehan


Hello! My name is Megan Sheehan. I am a sophomore this year. I am a dancer, and my favorite style is ballet.  I am also on the Bob Jones color guard and winter guard.  I enjoy reading and writing in my free time. When I go to c...

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Sojourner Taylor


I like to be called Taylor. My hobbies include drawing comics, reading comics and other things, also I enjoy video games. I want to go into game design, voice acting, and I want to attend art school. I never really got recognized f...

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Andrew Cathey


Hi,  I’m Andrew. I’m a Senior. I like movies, music, video games. I'm a pasta expert, and I sold out and make pizza for money. My current goals are to major in Communications and minor in Journalism at the University of Memphis....

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Savannah Plume


Heyo! My name is Savannah Plume. At the moment I have an interest in writing and programming. I also enjoy singing in choir and am interested in learning the violin. I'm a senior in Girl Scouts and have been in this same grou...

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Kafui Sakyi-Addo

Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker

Hello! My name is Kafui {kuh-foo-ee} and I am a delightfully awkward sophomore at Bob Jones High School. My interests are many (which is why I am likely to create some strange hybrid of my interests as a future career), such as...

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Laurel Hannah


Hello, World!! I am a sophomore. I've played soccer for over 10 years. I did track two years ago and I ran 400s and 800s. I LOVE CATS!!! I love drama and got a major role my class's play. I love reader fiction series. I love history,...

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Savon Carbon


I'm awesome... like really, really awesome. I'm just kidding. I'm very cool chill person who enjoys the simple things in life-- the things like eating, sleeping and playing games. I will do it once again. ...

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Zachary B. Johnson


I'm a sophomore at Bob Jones and I enjoy writing, listening to music, and talking to friends. I've lived in Madison since I was born and hope to write for a professional publication after college, and would like to attend Columbia...

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Casey Kula


    Hola everyone in the mythological universe! My name is Casey Kula, a sophomore at Bob Jones High School! I am a writer for Patriot Pages and am a part of the Eclectic staff. Some activities I enjoy to do in my free time a...

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Sarah Lovelady


Hi my name is Sarah Lovelady. I am a senior at Bob Jones. I love to write, blog, and listen to music. Some of my favorite bands are, Glass Animals and Cage The Elephant. I want to major in Journalism and possibly do something...

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Jenny Baldwin


I am Jenny Baldwin, and I am a student at Bob Jones High School. I am a section leader in my school's Marching band, as well as a member of a small Destination Imagination team. I do plan on going to college, and I am very open ...

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Janice Hendrick


I don't necessarily have any personality that stands out. I'm just a 16-year-old girl who loves sarcastic conversations. I have figure skated for 6-7 years and hopefully will continue until I graduate. I am in the normal footbal...

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Matthew Enfinger


Hi! I'm Matthew Enfinger and I am a student at Bob Jones High School. I'm currently involved in band at Bob Jones competing in the competition band, wind ensemble, and the indoor drumline. Out of school, I play with the Huntsville...

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Noah Vermillion


I'm a junior.  I'm on the SGA Senate and Patriot Pages.  I like the Biomed program at Bob Jones and working with animals.  I'm one of the boys' basketball managers. I'm not sure of my career yet, but I am thinking about Auburn.

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Rebecca Shin


Currently, I'm a senior and my hopes are to go to college in San Francisco and get a degree in design & visual communications. I also love going on spontaneous photography and shopping trips and I'm naturally drawn to cute...

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Canaan Karr


That weird nerd over there that laughs way too loud at stupid jokes. I like to draw and am learning to animate.I love animals. I like to post stuff to Tumblr and am so popular I have like 5 whole followers.    

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Trevor Stewart


New year but not much has changed. I'm still trying to reach the equilibrium between procrastination and ambition. Which is why I'm waiting till the last minute to make a decision as to what college I'll be enrolled at this fall....

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Gracie Poehlman


I am a junior at Bob Jones High School, and I wish to be an editor at a large fiction publishing company like TOR or Del Rey. I love to read, write, draw, and make sarcastic jokes. I am currently taking Mrs. Panagos's Multimedia...

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Chris Morris

Writer and Comic maker

Hi, My name is Chris Morris, my true passion is art and i dabble in photography. My plans after High School is military, and i plan on retiring as a tattoo artist

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C. Audrey Harper


I am a Junior at the Bob. I am Communications Director for Young Advocates for Equality, Secretary for Interfaith Club, and Public Relations Coordinator for Junior Civitan. I am also involved with BJ Young Democrats, NEHS, NSSHS,...

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Phaedrus Taylor


My name is Phaedrus Taylor (weird name. I know) And I do stuff.... things... And other kinds of of activities for reasons. Go figure. I like to read, write, draw, play video games. I spend most of my time writing high-fantasy...

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Preston Adams


I am an artist who prefers the medium of 2d animation; I also make 3d models, live action film, and code games a little :P . My goal so far is to be able to self-publish an animated show or video game, whichever comes first. I will...

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Shandi Burrows


Hey, I'm Shandi Burrows, and I am a junior at Bob Jones this year. My main passion is volunteering at the Madison Public Library. I plan to major in Humanities with a minor in Latin, and then obtain a Master's degree in Library an...

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