Bellydancing in Madison? At the Library?

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The description for the class on the online website state, “Experience the fun and energy of this exotic dance form! We’ll enjoy low-impact aerobic exercise as we learn the basic moves of the Middle Eastern dance.”

The instructor, Shahala Liz, explained how she got started with belly dancing.  “There was a class advertised for a six week belly dancing course in the newspaper.”  She had difficulty choosing a favorite form.  “There are so many different styles with different moods.  Egyptian can be elegant or playful, Turkish is more playful…I really like folklore though because it has a really playful style.”

The class consists of all ages from teenagers and to the elderly.  A youthful lass member provided suggestions on what to wear to a belly dancing class.  “Yoga pants, tank or tee, and flip-flops,” said Michelle.  The belts with coins are provided.

Thus far, the class has been a success.  “It was fun and intense workout all at the same time,” Annie said. “You feel your muscles burn.”  The routine is simple but effective.  It includes learning to hip step touch and even works in hula hoops. 

The class meets every last Thursday of the month from 6-9 at the Huntsville-Madison County library.

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