The Decline of the Music Scene


Cyrus Patel

In the past 6 months, most local shows have had poor audience turnout. If no one supports local bands, how will there ever be signed bands? Signed bands were once locals as well; they worked hard to get signed. Touring, coordinating,  stage presence, writing meaningful lyrics and music is fruitless without an audience.

A band called MyChildren MyBride, who is now signed to Solid State Records and touring all over the United States and even outside of it, grew up right here in Madison, AL. Their vocalist, Matthew Hasting, graduated from Bob Jones High school. They were once a local band as well, who worked incredibly hard to get to where they are today.

Plenty of local bands have showcased their music and merchandise recently; they played fantastic shows. One such band is known as Abandoned Sanctity. They have been working hard for their CD release show for their EP “State Of Mind,” which will be at Insanity Skate Park in September. They won $1000 at a Battle of The Bands at The Flying Monkey and used the money to print shirts.

“I have never been so proud of something in my life; if I could just play shows for the rest of my life, I would,” said Russ Rogers, vocalist of Abandoned Sanctity.

For more information on local shows, visit the upcoming events section on The Patriot Pages Website.