Racing, Chasing, and Exploding


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Griffin Stewart, Writer

The movie “Getaway”  is all about cars racing, chasing and exploding.

Ethan Hawke plays the protagonist Brent Magna. He receives a cellphone call saying his wife has been kidnapped and if he does not do as he is told, she will be killed. Brent’s former career as a race car driver will prove useful in rescuing his wife.

Rotten Tomatoes gave “Getaway” an average rating of 2.6 out of 10, though 45% of the audience still liked it.

According to James Berardinelli from ReelMovies, “Getaway is pretty much a 90-minute car chase. That’s it.” I agree with James Berardinelli. If you like car chasing for 90 minutes you would enjoy “Getaway”, however most people prefer more diversity in a movie.

I liked the first half of the movie but once I realized that car chasing was the point, I liked it less. The movie was was so straightforward that a plot twist could not be found.

I might have liked the movie better if I wasn’t sitting next to people who were more engaged with their cell phones than the movie. While this is the risk of going to a theater, the big screen provides a better experience in my opinion. Sitting on the couch and watching a movie for the first time a while after the movie’s release isn’t as exciting.

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