Grand Theft Auto 5 Review


Photo taken from the International Business Times website

GTA 5 has been the most talked about video game this year.

Kameron Sauter, Writer

GTA 5 is a game where players can do virtually anything they can’t do in the real world. From stealing cars, robbing banks, and running from the army, it’s all possible in this game. There are many who say it is a amazing game, and there are many who say its a bad game because of the violence. GTA 5 is a game for entertainment– it is not promoting violence. In GTA 5, the consumer can play as three different characters in the game:  former bank robber Michael De Santa, trailer park criminal Trevor Phillips, or street gangster Franklin.

GTA 5 is created by Rockstar games, which made the previous game from five years ago. Armon says that the past games are just like the new one only with updates. The past games seem to be all the same.  They improve only on small things such as the graphics, the cars, and the missions.

Some people don’t like the game because of the language and violence. Madelyn Wong says she said that she doesn’t like it because she prefers games that have a point or a meaning. GTA 5 isn’t made mainly for the storyline. It is made for the fun of committing fictional crimes, but there should be a limit to how evil a player can be in a game. It shouldn’t get taken in the wrong way in the real world.

The hype of GTA 5 is to a point where it is too much. The night of the game coming out in London, a 23 year old man stood in line for hours for his copy of GTA 5 and got stabbed by three older teenagers. This “Grand Theft Auto behavior” supports the argument that teens should not be able to play this game because it is too violent for 16 year olds.

This game is a game that should be taken as entertainment not promoting violence. There are a few people that will confuse the game for reality but it’s not all 100,000 people that bought the game.