Would You Save the World?

Maegan Baldwin, Writer, Site Editor

Imagine it’s the future, and you’re living in a world that is filled with horrific poverty where multitudes of people die from lack of resources. The world is falling apart, but there is an escape: a place above the stars, a sanctuary, a station where life is clean, safe, and easy. There is no disease there, and, if you do get injured, you can be healed instantly.

Now, imagine that you were dying, and you had a way to save everyone from the harsh world they lived in, but you had to choose between yourself or them. What would you choose?

In Elysium, which came out August 8, 2013, Max Da Costa gets a chance to change the world he lives in.  Though many people enjoyed the “futuristic world and technology,” like recently graduated Xavier Horton, they tended to not like a majority of the action scenes.

Trevor Thomas, senior, comments, “I didn’t like the uneeded blood and gore and how fake it looked.”

Recently graduated Josh Hill thought it was a “great film if you’re in the mood for mindless violence.”

Even critics on www.rottentomatoes.com, like Mark R. Leeper from Mark Leeper’s reviews thought, “[Blomkamp] really needs to learn that too much action blunts his more interesting statements.”

Even though people thought the action was flawed, the story line was extremely commendable.  It shows a situation where someone would sacrifice everything for the bigger picture.

It’s the type of movie that while watching it, you won’t know how you feel. Max is heartwarming in his actions, but then you begin to question if you would you have done the same?

You can still catch this movie at Monaco Pictures in Bridgestreet. Go check it out, if you think you can handle the gore. If you still need some time to decide, check out the Elysium’s movie trailer on youtube.