Cory Monteith and the New Season of Glee


Taylorlynn Knox, Writer

When the new season of Glee was announced, everyone had the same question: What are they going to do about Cory Monteith’s character, Finn?  His unexpected death shocked the nation.  Lea Michele, the actor in Glee who plays as Rachel, was Monteith’s girlfriend both in the show and in real life.  According to Andrew Sims, on, there will be an episode that recognizes the death of Monteith’s character.  He also reported that Rachel will have an all-season struggle in coping with the death of her boyfriend.

The directors of Glee initially planned to present Finn’s death just as the real actor had passed away.  However, they have changed their minds.  The cause of Finn’s death in the show will not be revealed until the third episode, according  On this third episode, the program will pay tribute to both the actor Cory Monteith and the character Finn.  Lea Michele was the co-creator of the episode, and she has chosen to sing a song that had been special to her and Monteith.

Hannah Forrest, a senior at Bob Jones, is a huge fan of the program.  She commented, “When I saw the first episode, they had not even mentioned Finn, so I was afraid they weren’t going to do any kind of tribute to him.  But, when I saw the trailer for their tribute episode I got really excited.  It looks like it’s going to be a tear jerker.”

When asked about the new season of Glee, Kelsey Huber explained, “I’m excited to see that the show still goes on, but I’m also curious to know how they plan to move on without a main character.  I hope the creators and crew approach the topic with respect.”

Hopefully, the tribute episode will give closure to both the fans and crew.

Normally, when a main character in a show dies unexpectedly, the show ends altogether.  Despite this trend, Glee will continue to air this season.

Many want to see Rachel get a new love interest.  Undoubtedly, that won’t be happening anytime soon.