A Color Map of the Sun

Storm Taylor, Writer

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One-man-band Pretty Lights presents “A Color Map of the Sun,” a treasure map leading the listener to buried beauty in the midst of an overstuffed music market. From “Color of My Soul” to “My Only Hope”, each song is a unique stop along the journey. As the last song fades, the listener gently wakes from a dream of scintillant sounds and vivid visualizations.  Immediately, the impulse is to dive back in.

Pretty Lights, AKA Derek Smith, does more than mash up genres into a thick electronica stew. Rather, he takes electronica, nu jazz, dubstep, funk, hip hop, soul and blends them into a smooth, refreshing froth. To those willing to explore the electronic genres, Pretty Lights is a pleasant place to start. It has no stereotypes attached to influence the initial impression of the music.

Like contemporaries DJ Shadow, Gramatik, Bonobo, and Little People, Pretty Lights uses a variety of nifty vocal samples taken from various sources to give his songs personality. Often, the vocal samples are woven together in such a way as to tell a story between the beats. This makes it stand out from pure dubstep or trance, which also uses vocal samples from time to time.

Curious and open minded listeners will discover a gold mine in “A Color Map of the Sun”. It has a distinct personality that will leave a deep impression.

All of Pretty Lights’ music can be downloaded for free from his website here.

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