Amy Poehler’s “Yes, Please”


Kennedy Booker

Hardcover of Yes Please.

Kennedy Booker, Writer

Parks and Recreation star and SNL legend, Amy Poehler, is known as a comedian, actress, feminist, producer, director, and all around superwoman. Last year she was able to take on all of those titles and a new one, henceforth, she became an author.

Poehler released a book under the title “Yes, Please.” Yes coming from her improvisational days and the opportunity that comes with youth, and Please coming from knowing that agreeing to do something usually means you are not alone.

The book begins with a preface, describing her experience with writing the book while being a mother of two, going through a divorce, and having the full time job of being an actress and writer.

After the preface of the book, there are instructions on how to use to the book. She explains that there will be some emotional sharing, some advice and some stories with a beginning and an end.

For anyone planning on reading this book, it’s very disorganized. She goes from talking about a childhood memory to describing her experience with SNL to meeting Tina Fey for the first time to discussing how sucky divorce is (not in that specific order). It’s like Pulp Fiction. If you are all about chronological order, this book will drive you crazy.

It’s a great book for a developing mind. It’s cute and inspiring, but risqué at times with Amy Poehler’s love of curse words.

There’s also a chapter that included sex advice. Also, one about being a little too close to Justin Timberlake because she got a bit nervous.

If you ignore all of the cursing and sexual references, you’ll see a book of life lessons. Amy Poehler is always very clear about the meaning and significance of each chapter. I love this book. It’s very Amy Poehler-like.

Buy this book if you like at least three of the following:

  • Amy Poehler
  • Memoirs
  • Improv
  • SNL
  • Comedy
  • Curse words

You can buy it from Barnes and Noble here: YES PLEASE