Did Adam Sandler Make Too Many Movies in 2015?


Donald Rizzardi, Writer

Adam Sandler is a beloved, and also disliked actor, who is famous for making movies with his friends. His many early pieces include Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and Big Daddy.

In 2015, Hotel Transylvania 2 brought in the most money out of any Adam Sandler film. The other movies include Pixels and The Ridiculous 6.  He was also producer of Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.  Did Adam Sandler make too many movies in 2015?

Over the years, Adam Sandler’s movies haven’t lived up to his older films, with a goofy, but clever meaning behind it all. Pixels was about three friends and a crook having to battle their way through an alien invasion. The invasion all started, due to a program to launch a retro video game tournament video into space. The aliens found the tape and saw it as a threat. They fought their way to the end and won, but there was no real meaning behind it. It was the same with The Ridiculous 6 and Paul Blart Mall Cop 2– different story lines but no real meaning behind the story. Hotel Transylvania 2 was different. It had a good strong storyline and had the message about loving people for who they are and not who you want them to be.

So did Sandler make too many movies in 2015? If more time was put into Pixels and The Ridiculous 6, they probably have been better movies, but instead, it appears that Sandler wanted to get as many movies out as he possibly could and sacrificed quality for quantity.