Exploring Artist Sammy Shin

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Exploring Artist Sammy Shin

Tiffany Wu, writer

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As a senior student at Bob Jones High School, Sammy Shin began his glorious art journey only a few years ago. During his childhood, Sammy doodled and drew comics. He never really got the opportunity to take a real art class until his freshman year at Bob Jones. That year, he took Art 1 with Mrs. Lakso. Drawing and painting allowed him to express his ideas and everyday thoughts into a masterpiece. Sammy cuts shapes from cardboard, paints them with acrylic, and puts them together to create pieces or art. His art pieces are inspired by social issues he witnessed in the community. Currently, he is taking AP Art, concentrating on the different aspects of his talent that he shares with his classmates.

In art classes there is plenty of time to bond with the ones who share this passion. Drawing and painting in general has made Sammy happier as a person. It allows him to voice his opinion and practice idealism. His favorite piece of art is American Gothic by Grant Wood. It is a painting of an older couple in American culture. This is one of Sammy’s favorite pieces of famous art because it shows the simplicity of life.

Recently, Sammy earned Best of Show in the 2016 Alabama State Superintendent’s Art Show. Mrs. Lakso stated, “This is a pretty big deal…every district in the state is invited to submit 15 pieces of artwork from K-12. There are two categories: drawing/painting and photography/digital photography. There are 15 winners, first, second and third place plus 2 HM for each category-so 30 winners all together. Then there is one Best of Show that, from what I understand, Dr. Bice often helps in the selection–he’s a big proponent of the Arts! So Best of Show among all of the art submitted for the State is pretty intense. I am very proud of his accomplishments…but this one is a biggie!”

In the future, he hopes to become a prosthetics doctor because it is patient oriented. It includes engineering and art, two things he really enjoys.

He joined art not knowing what future lay ahead, but now he realizes that it has greatly influenced his life. He has come a long way over the past four years and plans to exceed all the expectations in life.

“Please join the art department! If you go through with it, you will come a long way,” advised Sammy Shin.


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