Captain America: Civil War

Andrew Cathey, Writer

Described as “Anthony and Joe Russo’s first-rate feature provides both invigorating action and genuine contemplation, it’s an engaging superhero movie that actually ponders the human cost of doing all that cool stuff,” Captain America: Civil War has been a box office success with a score of 8.4 on IMDb and a score of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The story focuses on the divide between the Avenger’s team after an incident where many innocent lives lost due to the intervention of the Avengers. This incident causes a worldwide want for the Avenger’s to be restricted by government regulation and and have accountability for their actions. This causes the Avenger’s to be split into two camps: one which is led by Steve Rogers and the other being led by Tony Stark. Steve believes that the Avengers should remain the way they are, while Tony Stark supports the regulation.

The movie on a technical level is absolutely amazing, often looking beautiful with a bit of insane creativity that come with any Marvel movie. Every actor turns in a solid performance from Chadwick Boseman’s performance as Black Panther to Tom Holland’s performance as the 3rd version of Spider-Man. However the problems that the movie has lies within story. Captain America’s motives seem unfocused and underdeveloped. During the entire film, I had no idea why he was against the regulation of the Avenger’s. He mainly focuses on Bucky and nothing else. I honestly believe he wasn’t even aware of the issue at hand.

Another problem the movie struggles with is how it handles the death of innocent civilians. This is the first time this has been mentioned within any of the movies and instead of coming off as deep and meaningful comes off as a ham-handed attempt at morality. The only character who seems to be remotely affected by this is Tony Stark and Scarlet Witch, but even Scarlet Witch willingly leaves the compound and goes back into the world where she may harm someone else.

Alasdair Samios, a senior, had said, “I definitely enjoyed it, but the plot was a bit shaky. I would side with Iron Man because he’s the most logical out of the two. Steve focuses more on an individual rather than the benefit of the Avenger’s and the world.”

The movie while enjoyable struggles to have anything to truly pay off in the end. It builds up the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man, but having the end result feels cheap in the end. It aspires to be more than it actually is.