Riverdale One-Shot, art by Matthew Dow Smith

Matthew Dow Smith

Riverdale One-Shot, art by Matthew Dow Smith

Serena Osuigwe, Writer

Let’s Face it… TV is becoming extinct from our world. Nobody seems to take interest in it anymore, especially when we have things like YouTube or Netflix.

But there is this one show that has everyone on the edge… Riverdale.

 The hit show “Riverdale” is based on a very popular old school comic called “Archie Comics,” which happens to be the name of one of the main charters. It is set mostly at a high school. Though most students may not have heard of Archie Comics, some had. George Graves said, “My mother used to buy me the Archie comics from convenience stores, and I recognized the word “Riverdale” while watching a different show on the same network.” 

Riverdale begins with Archie’s interest in the music business.  Then the romantic storyline includes a love triangle with the new girl Veronica and her friend Betty, who has a crush on Archie. There’s also his friendship with Jughead and the mysterious death of a Jason Blossom. 

I find this simple show amazing. The characters’ development, plot, the surprises, and the questions they leave viewers asking after every episode. It is certainly a good show.

From a survey, it seems like more Bob Jones females are watching the show than guys and 12% have not heard of it. There are definite fans. YES!!!! I feel like it’s everywhere, and I think it’s like one of the most popular shows right now. It’s my favorite show ever! I’m obsessed with it. Also, the couples are the best, and they keep the audience hooked, ” said Chloe Henderson

Overall, this show has been having but good reviews from everyone, having a 7.8/10 rating on television and 87% of rotten tomatoes. It seems to be attracting young viewers, and hopefully, you’ll watch and episode and get hooked.