Huntsville Comic Con at Lowe Mill


Maggie Brown, Writer

Huntsville has a reputation for being the geekiest city in Alabama. There are always pop culture conventions going on around the area. On March 30th and 31st, Lowe Mill A&E will be hosting the second-ever Huntsville Comic Con! There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a Marvel fan or a hopeless gaming addict. Even if you can’t tell Deadpool from Deathstroke, never fear. Confused friends and family are welcome, too!

Dozens of actors, animators, and comic creators will be present. The guest of honor is Sam Jones, who played the main character in the 1980 film Flash Gordon. Others include Cade Jones, who played the bully in Stranger Things: Joseph Michael Linsner, a comic artist for Harley Quinn and Batman: and Roberto Yun Rodriguez, an animator for Gravity Falls and Family Guy. Special events like panels and cosplay contests will be going on throughout the day.

“My experience was amazing,” said Mo McCann, who went to a Comic Con in New Orleans. “It was really fun to[…]meet people with the same interests as me, and I went to panels and got to see celebrities I loved.” Does she recommend it for everyone? “It’s a great experience to have and makes for fun memories.”

We reached out to Nathan Massengill, the event coordinator. How did they make it happen?

“Just getting a few key people together can make a lot of difference,” he said. “Cons support geek culture and bring people of similar interests together.” What makes Huntsville Comic Con special? “Our venue, Lowe Mill, the largest privately owned Arts Center in the U.S.!”

General admission tickets are only 15 dollars. Special packages are available for the hardcore geeks out there. Huntsville Comic Con is one of the biggest events in Alabama, so don’t miss it. Mark your calendars and grab your superhero capes!