Four Leaves Gets Five Stars

Cassi Fabby, Writer

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Four Leaves Asian Restaurant is located in Huntsville, Alabama. It’s in a shopping center off of Highway 72. It is not a chain restaurant; it is a one-of-a-kind restaurant. It serves the best Asian fusion in town.

I’ve been going for years now, and the staff has never once been unfriendly to me or my family. The ambiance of the restaurant is overall wonderful; dim lighting, soothing music, and waterfalls create a friendly and elegant environment. The tables are comfortable and not overcrowding. It is almost never fully packed, which means no lines; however, Monday’s half priced sushi night gets pretty full.  

In five years of coming here about once a month, the staff has never let me down. They are always nice to me and on the ball all of the time. They’ve never gotten an order wrong, and they’ve never had to ask twice what kind of sides or sauce I want with my sushi. They are always in the zone, and I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes for a refill on my sweet tea. The management is kind and responsive. They are almost always around, usually back in the kitchen, but they come see us every once in a while.

Now onto the best part: the food. I have reached all across the menu–soups, combo fried rice, several sushi options, Mongolian beef, you name it…  Now let me just say, I am a particularly picky person. Although Asian food is one of my favorite kinds of food, I am very specific with how I want my food to taste. This restaurant has never let me down, not once. The taste is always better than I would expect. They cook the food perfectly, nothing has ever come out cold. I am constantly impressed by their options and the quality of the food.

The prices are higher than your normal takeout Chinese restaurant. They somewhat resemble PF Changs. The quality is worth the price. This is my all-time favorite restaurant in Huntsville. I love coming here after soccer or on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I have never left the restaurant hungry, and I am always satisfied. On your way out, take a mint and a toothpick and enjoy the full feeling that I always get. You won’t be let down! Four Leaves: the best Asian restaurant in Huntsville.


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