November’s Christmas: More Christmas Carols, Fewer Commercial Jingles


Lenora Lee, Writer

November is inundated with constant Christmas marketing strategies to attract the crowd early. The business world is eager for that Christmas cash. Starting in October, dozens of Christmas commercials released for a wide array of products. The question is, when is it too early to think about all this holiday spending? What is the reason behind this November Christmas and whatever happened to just focusing on getting the perfect Thanksgiving turkey? Black Friday is upon us, but these stores have long since bombarded consumers with their messages to buy.

In the beginning of November, Bob Jones students recalled already seeing Christmas commercials from stores like Walmart, JC Penney, Target, Kohls, Sprite, Starbucks, Hallmark, Michaels, and more. Is it worth it? A recent survey of Bob Jones students seems like it might be all for naught. 63% said that they thought Christmas commercials have been released too early, and 70.4% answered that the commercials don’t affect when they buy gifts or Christmas items as it is.

Stores such as Bath and Body works, though no commercials, sent out coupons for holiday collections in October. A former employee, Amanda Corley, said, “Releasing the Christmas collection early creates a buzznot only about the holiday season–but about the limited edition products, allowing customers to enjoy the season longer than the month of Christmas.” This scented store will have buyers lining up outside for the deals, including this year’s coupon for a free gift up to $13.50. She also mentioned that retail stores should be more appreciated, especially the employees that run through the chaotic crowds. With online stores, such as Amazon, taking the reins for at-home shopping, retail stores are making all the big advertising moves to keep their status.  Spending money to get the word out gets money.

Many other businesses go beyond commercials and flyers and launch full-on holiday campaigns. The Starbucks Press said in an email, “We have historically launched our holiday campaign around this same time – last year, we announced our cup design on November 1 with beverages returning to stores the following week.” Given the link to the story behind their new commercials, they are focusing on their employees and their stories, showing the coffee-consuming customers they are all about the loving holiday spirit.

As the weeks to Christmas continue to fly by, the more advertisements will sing joy to their world. Whether their early arrivals, annoy you or give you glee, November ‘s Christmas is here for everyone to see.