The Grinch. Do or Don’t?


Katie Steele and Brenna Oxley

Christmas, a time for family, friends, food, fun and classics. Some of our favorite traditions of Christmas include movie watching and gift giving. We all have that favorite movie that we must watch during the season. According to a survey given to High School Students, 94.3% of the students have watched the Grinch. Although it is a holiday favorite for many, there are many different versions. The original and the Jim Carrey version are very different, but have you heard of the new “The Grinch”?

The movie wasn’t what we were expecting. The Grinch was definitely a little nicer in this movie, but still mean. He was a little too nice and he lost some of his mean charm. The characters were pretty much the same including Max, Cindy Lou Who, and the Mayor. However they introduced some new ones such as Fred the reindeer and the screaming goat.

One thing that was definitely one of the best parts was the Christmas-stealing scene. I loved how the candy canes scooped up the presents and how everything looked planned and thought out. Even the way the Grinch would go from house to house, counting down how many houses he had left was amazing.  Another one of the best scenes was when the Grinch’s heart grew 3 sizes. The way they portrayed it was amazing.

My favorite thing about the movie was Max, who’s the Grinch’s dog and was never really given much attention in previous adaptations. The movie highlighted Max as an important character and gave him the attention he worked so hard for.

Now, the overall animation was breathtaking. You could see the precise hairlines and every little details on the Whos’ faces. The animation was so precise that the Whos almost perfectly resembled a human.

The movie was like a brother to the original, not the same, but the original concepts were still there. The artists of this move really grabbed onto the audience’s emotions. We laughed, were sad, felt happy, felt confused, and even were mad at the Grinch. The concept team for this movie were remarkable. They took this good ole’ favorite Christmas movie and modernized it. The technology changed and the Grinch’s methods did too!

All in all, I think this movie should be enjoyed by families from everywhere. It’s family friendly and humorous. For those who specifically enjoy the original “The Grinch,” this new one touched close to that ground. For those who enjoy the Jim Carrey one, the feels are different but maybe this will become your new favorite.