Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse

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Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse

Brandon Clark

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With the Holidays just around the corner, that comes with many new and exciting movies. With that said, swinging into cinemas December 14 is Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse. Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, the movie is about a teen named Miles Morales who carries the mantle of Spider-man in his dimension. After dimensional rifts open, he meets more Spider-men, which are Peter Parker, Spider-ham, Spider-Gwen, and Peni Parker with her mech suit SP//dr. Because the Spider-verse is so diverse (I’m not sorry), not everyone knows about the different Spider-men that exist in the Marvel universe. I polled many people and they were very excited about the movie. Isabella Moreno said, “I think it is an interesting concept to have a lot of the other Spider-men versions. I also want to see if it is executed well.”

The main protagonist in the movie is Miles Morales as the movie does take place in his universe. In Ultimate comics Spider-man, the story surrounds Miles Morales. Peter Parker used to exist in his universe but died fighting the goblin. His origin is more or less the same as Peter Parker. A spider, which was stolen from Osborn industries, bit Miles and he was turned into Spider-man. Miles possess superhuman strength, spider sense, agility, invisibility, and a stun called the venom blast.

Also present in the movie is Spider-Gwen or Ghost-Spider whose real identity is Gwen Stacy, which should ring a bell to many comic book fans. She was also bitten by a radioactive spider and has spider-sense, super strength, web gliders, and interestingly enough a device that enables her to travel to different dimensions. Similarly to Miles Morales, Peter Parker used to exist in her universe, but in her reality, he died by turning himself into a lizard creature.

Another addition to the upcoming flick is Spider-Ham. To me, he seems like the next loveable Groot, and his bio is very intriguing to me. Peter was a spider who lived in the lab basement of a pig named May Porker. After a science experiment gone wrong, she bit Peter which then transformed him into a pig. Being a former spider he literally “does whatever a spider can”, (I’ll stop now). He also has cartoon durability so he can take a lot of damage.

SP//dr  and Peni Parker are Spider-men that I have never heard of until now. I love these characters because it reminds me of the DC’s version of Jim Gordon and his Batman suit (but enough about the DC universe). The suit has web shooters, can wall crawl, and has the standard enhancement of skills that make the other Spider-men who they are. What also really intrigues me is how she got her powers too. She was bitten by a spider which would share a mental link with her as they piloted the mech suit, which gives me a Pacific Rim vibe.

Last but not least is the most known Spider-man of them all. Spider-man Noir. After taking a poll of all the spider men, he is the one that barely anyone knows about. Spider-man Noir is another Peter Parker in a reality where the Great-Depression is taking place. After coming into contact with a spider statue he was gifted powers very similar to Peter Parker. The only difference is that he has organic webbing unlike many of the Spider-men who use web shooters to get around.

I am very eager to see the upcoming movie, and I hope that they will be able to introduce these new Spider-men in a way that will appeal to audiences alike.


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