This Little Piggy Wears Gucci


Picture from Instagram Gucci

Taylor Theakston, Writer

2019 has hardly started and we are already discovering tons of unique trends, many of which revolve around animals, such as cheetah print. While some may suppose these prints embody cheapness and tackiness, there is one brand of clothing that feels the total opposite. The animal they choose, however, is unlike the mainstream designs. Does the nursery rhyme “This Little Piggy” sound familiar? Gucci saw more opportunities for these famous piggies than just car rides and markets. The billion-dollar brand has decided its new and fresh collection is wholly dedicated to pigs! With the Chinese New Year, February 5th, ringing in comes another year devoted to a special animal. This year has been fully committed to the pig, and the celebration is grand.

Gucci never fails to surprise its audience in runway and modern collections, as they are known for their creative and bold style choices. The making of the pieces for this year was held to the same expectations, and they were definitely met. Per this line, the brand has collaborated with Disney to portray their vision of pig-themed everything. Gucci is no stranger to Disney takes on their fashion lines. In 2017, Gucci featured Donald Duck, and most recently incorporated Minnie Mouse into the brand. Gucci isn’t the only one who is fond of collaborating with Disney though. Brands such as Coach, Pandora, and Versace have all included cameos from Disney characters. No one has seen the characters implemented into fashion like this though. This season’s collection for Gucci includes women’s and men’s clothing, luggage, shoes, leather goods, and even jewelry. Gucci has promoted the collection by creating ads through Frank Lebon of people roaming New York decked out in Gucci everything, and with a teacup pig too.

Ariana Grande isn’t the only one now obsessed with these cute animals. When some students at Bob Jones High School were asked about the collection, 12th grader Payton Gloschat commented, “ I like it! This year is the year of the pig so I think it is pretty fitting.” Chenoa Gentle, a 12th grade student, responded similarly, saying the collection is “quite unique and never done before.” However, not everyone is on board with this pig remake from Gucci. Junior student Yunona Shkolnikov discussed her thoughts of the products looking tacky and that she would not be inclined to purchase. Finally, John Dipietro, 12th grader, said he “could care less” about what Gucci decides to put on the clothing and accessories.

While there are many mixed feelings, the amount of press the company has received is overwhelming. The new Gucci pig collection is one that will remain remembered in fashion history.