Shazam! A Mind-Blowing Movie


Brooke Heath, Writer

Beware: this review contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.


“Shazam! That was such a good movie. Right, guys?”

“Second best movie I’ve seen in my life!” my friend replied.

As someone who hardly watches movies due to a short attention span, I need movies to be attention-grabbing and action-packed. Shazam kept my attention all throughout, and it was indeed a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

I do have one problem, though: the villain. It felt as if he came entirely out of left field. While they did provide a small backstory, I do not see how it could possibly lead such a young boy straight to becoming a heinous villain as an adult. The connection was most definitely not at its prime. While, yes, someone being emotionally neglected by their family could lead them to a bad state of mind, I in no way see the chain of events that would follow. The villain used his father and brother, along with the wizard, Shazam, as his excuse for his lifelong anger and malice. There would not be such a large problem if he became the villain at a somewhat younger age or if they showed more of his life in between.

The way the storyline is played out, it appears as if he would not have turned evil if it were not for the car crash. There is almost no way that car would not have seen them stopped in the middle of the road. If their headlights were off or they were clearly on their phone while driving it would make more sense. Though this is seemingly a small nuisance to be annoyed by, seeing how it directly affects the entire movie makes it actually quite important. Them getting hit by the oncoming truck would have made a lot more sense, though the second vehicle was most likely an attempt at a preliminary layer of comedy.

If you read this without seeing the movie, don’t let this discourage you from going to see it! Plus, these spoilers only take place in about the first 5 to 10 minutes of the movie. It was amazing and the choice of actors felt perfect. Enjoy, because I definitely did!