Coachella 2019: Fashion Fiasco or Triumph?


Taylor Theakston, Writer

There is never a year Coachella isn’t unveiling new summer trends, and everyone is embracing the dive into bold fashion statements. While it is an exciting time in the world of art, music, and self expression, some fashion choices are not always exemplary. With the wide range of choices and freedom to wear anything, some celebrity icons presented looks that have made this year’s event one to remember.

This year, quite a few of the trends for the upcoming season have been revealed. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the three C’s include camo, crochet, and cowboy themed attire. Other categories that have risen into popularity are neon, matching prints, lace, and the recent traveler staple: belt bag. Coachella’s once famous recollection of boho and glitter vibes have been exceedingly left behind for daring decisions of fashion.The best way to analyze true hits and misses is to see how the celebrities of the festival attempted to make an entrance and be Instagram worthy.

Beauty influencer James Charles embraced “Old Town Road” spirits of the south and showed up and out in an orange-toned head to toe suede and fringe with a matching cowboy hat. Paired with cut off denim shorts and a brown belt with statement silver buckle, it is no surprise he got his fans flooding his Instagram with likes and comments. With almost 3.5 million likes and 50,000 comments, there is no hurt in declaring his outfit was one for the books. On the opposite side of the spectrum, model Winnie Harlow downplayed her looks to be very casual and useful during the hot weather of the event. Wearing a neon green matching two piece with a sheer cover up, Harlow revealed sometimes simplicity is key. Adding a touch of sportiness, she finished off the look with an ode to street sneakers of the 90s and some round sunglasses. Winnie Harlow definitely proved to be very fashion-forward without overdoing it.

However, not all models hit the mark. With a love for Kendall Jenner, I was disappointed one of a few of her Coachella looks. After proving to be a queen of zebra print in a posed bandanna picture with Hailey Bieber, her other looks felt very lackluster. One being a pastel blue boho dress she paired with green boots and white with green half-moon printed gloves.While it was very artistic and seemed to incorporate fashionable thinking, the outfit lacked a sense of true themed style and questionable. Without the gloves and boots that put off reptile feelings, the Jenner sister could have portrayed the classy look attempted in a much more awe-inspiring way. In some same aspects, Vanessa Hudgens barely missed the mark as well. In a time where her influence is on the rise again, it was disappointing to see her fashion efforts not quite honed. While the same aspects of a boho printed dress, round sunglasses, and sheer bag were admirable, the overall appearance looked borderline grandma-ish. The black combat boots, thick black choker, and woven sun hat added no further advancement in the development of a fashion forward look and ended up looking somewhat frumpy in the end.

Despite the criticism of some outfits, I always commend every person (celebrity or not) for being fearless in creating a themed attire that screams their personality and makes them confidently happy. The fashion industry is very unpredictable and full of experimentation, there is no one way or rule to style correctly or dictate how to dress. This can truly be seen through the diversity of every outfit discussed in this article. However, even with hits and misses, the inspiration drawn from these outfits is one for the books!