Eat at Champy’s Fried Chicken


Isabella Loggins, Writer

Located at 8020 Madison Blvd. 

Disclaimer: I work at this lovely establishment. 

In June of 2009 in Chattanooga TN, Champy’s Fried Chicken opened their first location. Now they have eight locations and are about to start on a ninth. They are located in Chattanooga, Murfreesboro, Madison, Athens, Muscle Shoals, Daphne, and Alabaster. Every location has small differences in the menu.

Inside the restaurant, there is the main dining area, the bar area with tables nearby, and then a front and back patio. On Saturday nights, there are bands that come to play on the new stage on the back patio. They allow customers to place dollar bills with their names on them along the wooded areas. Also, you can buy a koozie, sign your name on it, and hang it along the pins on the walls.

For an appetizer, I recommend the Tamales or the Fried Jalapenos. The Champy’s way to eat tamales is to put them on a cracker with coleslaw and hot sauce. They also are the easiest thing on the menu to make so they come out fast. For the actual meal, I would get the 3 piece chicken tender plate, and for the sides, I recommend mac and cheese with fries. If you are a fan of liver you will really enjoy the fried livers. The catfish is also really good. The newest addition to the menu is okra, which is amazing. For desserts there is chocolate cake, key lime pie, and banana pudding. Personally, the key lime pie the best and a must have. Everything is made fresh to order which makes the food come out a little bit slower, but it is fresh when it gets to your table. 

I am biased when it comes to the staff. Everyone that works there is very friendly and helps one another constantly.The owner and managers are great, and if there is ever any problem, they are very accommodating. I very much recommend eating at this restaurant, and I hope to see you there!