Holiday Dessert Ideas

Holiday Dessert Ideas

Grace Huinker, Writer

It’s that time of year again. The time where neighbors are putting up their christmas lights, putting out their decor, and shopping for the perfect gifts. It is Christmas season and to be honest, the presents may be all the hype, but the desserts are truly underrated. Christmas is one of the holidays that make it okay to eat your way to death with sweets and candy canes. Though, in order to do that you need to bake your sweets, but lucky for you, I have some holiday desserts in mind that are perfect for your bingeing. 

The first dessert is very popular and extremely easy to make. Christmas cookies! Christmas cookies are perfect to make for the holidays because it involves being creative and making them is fun! You can cook many different types like chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, and more. If you have a cookie cutter, sprinkles, or icing on hand, you can always make them even more festive.

Click HERE for a great collection of Christmas cookie recipes.

Another fun one is making chocolate or just fudge! Homemade chocolate or fudge will always be delicious no matter what. You can always make them very creative like putting them on a stick and decorating them festive. If you’re giving fudge as gifts, you might want to check to see if your recipients have a nut allergy and leave off optional walnuts.

Click HERE for an easy fudge recipe.

My personal favorite is pie! Ranging from Apple Pie to Lemon Pie, they are always a great way addition to a Christmas dinner. 

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The last one, but not least, is Eggnog! This Christmas drink is delicious and easy to make.

Click HERE for a great non-alcoholic eggnog recipe.

You can also package most of these desserts in a tin or bag and give them as gifts! You can make a batch of cookies, package them, and knock out your Christmas list in no time. Of course, you also have the option of eating them all yourself.