Crafty Patriot Path Sessions

Arienna Coe, Writer

Bob Jones spent their last Patriot Path of the semester getting crafty and getting in the holiday spirit.

Crafting isn’t just for fancy-pants artists. Anyone can participate and benefit from it. Sarah Roach, a senior, said, “[Crafting] makes me feel refreshed and gives me something to look forward to that isn’t pages and pages of hard work.” You can find sessions that are both cute and simple. Mrs. Murray said, “We created gnome ornaments for Christmas. The ornaments were easy to make and the supplies can be purchased at local craft stores. If a student can paint a piece of wood and hot glue items together, this was a Patriot Path that could be done by almost anyone. I wanted to show the students an easy way to make something special for their friends and family.”

Some of these Patriot Paths were fun but competitive. Mrs. Lakso said, “We used print outs to create Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Students used colored pencils or markers to create the Most Creative, the Ugliest, the Funniest, the Cutest. There were prizes for those winners.”

Most importantly, some of the last Patriot Path sessions were used to help others. Mrs. Foster described her Patriot Path session. “Students made Christmas cards to give to the residents at Morningside nursing home.  Students were responsible for not only decorating and coloring the cards but writing an encouraging and uplifting message to people who might otherwise not receive a card during this time of the year.”

Look for more crafty Patriot Path sessions next semester. Be sure to sign up early because crafty Patriot Paths usually involve supplies, and space will be limited.