Cultural Food, Skits, and Talent

December 18, 2019

International Fest is an annual event held by the language classes at Bob Jones and was created to let them show their culture through different foods, skits, and other forms of talent. It is a big mixture of the different cultures in our school set up by the teachers and students in language clubs in German, Latin, Spanish, and French. There are also other clubs that don’t have an official class but are special all the same, such as the Korean Cultural Club. It’s a fun time for people in language classes to show off their culture and skills while also letting people learn by entertainment.

This year’s International Fest was full of good food, examples being handmade crepes from the French club, bread salad from Latin club, tacos from Spanish Club, and more food at the main table that was a variety of foods from around the world. They had varying talent such as a fashion show with students displaying clothes from all around the world from Mexico to Japan. Then German and Latin club has skits about old folktales from their languages heritage. There were also many students who sang songs in different languages or played an instrument such as the piano or cello. Korean Cultural Club did a music number to k-pop (a genre of Korean Pop music) based off of the Korean artists TWICE, ITZY, and BTS.

All in all, it was a fun way to introduce students to the different cultures in their school and encourage them to take language classes or join a language club. It was also an opportunity for kids already in language classes or clubs to go do something creative and have fun with it. It is all run by the world language teachers, such as Ms. Mooney, Mr. Congo, Mr. Elegante, and many others.

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