Happy National Anime Day!


Brandon Clark, Writer

With all the confusion in today’s world, you may have neglected the fact that today, April 15th, 2020, is National Anime Day. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. “Believe it!” Anime ingrained itself into Western pop culture as early as the 1960s and continues to spread its influence around the world today. The earliest anime to be created was AstroBoy by cartoonist Osamu Tezuka, which was about a young android and his adventures set in the future.

Several surveyed students at Bob Jones shared their most liked anime series and the wonderful story lines that accompany each of their favorite tales.

MJ Brown, a junior, said, “I’d have to say my favorite is Attack on Titan. It’s about a Germanic World where humans are terrorized by giant man-eating monsters called Titans, and the main characters are young military volunteers who dedicate themselves to destroying the Titans after their city is destroyed. It’s absolutely perfect for a binge-watch: the first season is easy to get into, but as you get further you get a wider scope and an even wider lore. What are the Titans? Where did they come from? You have to know. If you like intrigue, plot twists, and big casts of characters, you’ll like Attack on Titan.

Anaya Chambers, a senior, also said, “My favorite anime is My Hero Academia. It’s pretty much about a boy trying to prove himself as a great potential hero with most people around him getting in his way. I think I like it simply because the main character has an actual reason for doing what he does.”

With our newfound free time, I challenge you to find what you like and appreciate within the anime world.

Whether you’re watching a young shinobi master a powerful jutsu, soul reapers hunting corrupted souls, or a team of knights fighting threats against a kingdom, today is a day for all anime lovers alike! Enjoy yourselves today and stay safe!