Jim Halpert Becomes a News Anchor


Screenshot from Some Good News episode 2

Ally Hayes, Writer

I’m going to start this off with a disclaimer that I may be biased in favor of John Krasinski, not only because I wish he was my dad, but also because of the fact that I view him as one of the best people this nation has to offer in terms of positivity, humor, and all-around greatness. He taught English to kids in Costa Rica, he supports and donates to several charities such as Family Reach who helps pay the medical bills of cancer patients, and well, he played Jim Halpert in the Office. However, his most recent act of grandeur would be his YouTube series, “Some Good News” where he acts as a newscaster and shares the best things the internet has to offer during these trying times.

In his segments, Krasinski provides a great mix of video excerpts, tweets, and even brings on guest stars through video calls. So far, he has included fellow co-star Steve Carrell, a 15-year-old girl named Coco who returned home from her last chemo treatment, a little girl named Aubrey who loves Hamilton “a million” out of ten, and the staff of his hometown hospital. 

Krasinski organized a Zoom call with the cast of Hamilton for Aubrey since the performance was canceled as a result of the stay at home orders. He also arranged for the health care staff of Beth Israel Hospital to throw the first pitch of the season for the Red Sox and the team also gave them lifetime passes to all home games. Krasinski perfectly stated, “In these bizarre times, so many of us are missing out on the things we love, on the people we love, and on the chance to just all get together, but you can’t let that stop you.” He then went to share inspirational footage of a family playing golf in their front yard, a husband dying his wife’s hair where her roots were showing, two children providing a date night for their parents, and a couple getting married in the safety of their home. 

In his latest video, he provided stories of COVID-19 recoveries. One tough old man of 104 fought through the virus and was discharged with a celebration from the staff. Am I crying just thinking about it? Yes, yes I am. Am I ashamed? No, because tears of joy are exactly what this world needs right now. 

In the midst of heartbreak, fear, and the slow deterioration of our mental states, Some Good News is providing us with a light in the midst of darkness. No, like the screen of my laptop is actually lighting up the darkness of my room. But in all seriousness, we as a people tend to hyper-focus on the negative and dwell on what makes us sad, but that’s not all that this world has to offer. It’s about time we cried for something that made us happy, and I have to give John Krasinski a slap on the back for being an amazing human and just trying to bring some positivity to a larger audience. 

If you’re in need of some light in your life, a reason to get out of bed, or if you’re absolutely bored and can’t think of anything to do except stare at a wall, please watch these videos and find some inspiration to do something good. In the words of Krasinski himself, “I’m only delivering the good news; you are the good news.”

p.s. John Krasinski will be hosting a virtual prom on Friday, April 17 for students whose proms were cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.