Trending Quarantine Activities


Roland Sims, Writer

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have had to distance themselves from others that are not family. Many have spent most of their time at home with their families or by themselves, sometimes only leaving to get groceries. Due to the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19, there are many things that people cannot do without risking their health or someone else’s, such as going to parties. 

Despite that, there has been a rise in other activities, such as online gaming, relaxing outdoors, and making art. It can be tough to avoid interacting with your friends in person or eating at restaurants, but there’s always something else you can try to keep yourself occupied at home.

In a survey regarding how students have spent their time during the pandemic, a majority of students mentioned gaming in their responses. Because people cannot meet up with their friends face-to-face often, many have kept in touch with them through online multiplayer gaming. One of these fun, social games that was mentioned by name in the poll by many students is called “Among Us.” “Among Us” is actually a 2018 game that just became a worldwide phenomenon recently, according to Quartz. Although gaming has been popular for a few decades, it has now become one of the main ways of interacting with friends during the pandemic.

More than a few responses also included outdoor hobbies. Because it can be very boring to stay indoors for the entire day, many find it refreshing to spend time outside. Maybe they like to stay active, in which case playing with a pet or jogging will do the job. Camping can be a fun experience too, but it takes more preparation than some other activities. Gardening was also mentioned as a good way to relax, and it seems like everybody could use some relaxation these days.

According to the survey, some people have also taken interest in new hobbies, or improved on old ones. Making art was mentioned as a great way to keep yourself busy during the pandemic and test your imagination at the same time. When asked if they had taken interest in any new hobbies during quarantine, six out of twenty-five people responded that they started painting or drawing, and two others replied that they have begun sewing. Baking and cooking were also mentioned by a handful of the students that took the survey. 

In short, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of negativity, and it may sometimes seem like there is little to do at home. However, there are many things you can do to keep yourself occupied, either with a hobby, communicating with friends online, or just taking a stroll through the woods.