Must Watch: To Your Eternity


Danica Vu, Writer

To Your Eternity is a manga (now anime) written and drawn by Yoshitoki Ooima, who his widely known for the famous A Silent Voice back in 2016. To Your Eternity has recently received an anime series, which, at this time, is still producing episodes. 

If someone is considering watching the anime, they should also read the manga. The manga shows more of the emotions portrayed by the main character, Fushi, and tends to be more detailed giving the story a lot of life. The anime does not contain that detail, but it is just as good as the manga because the length of the story makes up for it. For example, how the anime explains Fushi’s immortality is longer and easier to digest while in the manga, it takes only about a page to explain.

The anime will only go up to 14 episodes, but the manga has over 100 chapters. After the anime is complete, picking up the manga is a wise choice. Furthermore, if someone were to only watch the anime series, they can pick up where they left off in the manga afterward and appreciate the work even more. 

So, here’s the call to action! Put To Your Eternity on the very top of the watch list, which is tucked a few notes away from the most recent one, and get cracking. Regret is not a feeling after finishing this series, especially with the manga to read afterward.

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