Are We “Happier Than Ever” For Billie Eilish?


Found on Instagram @billieeilish

Sage Scarlett Peyote Vines, Writer

Billie Eilish is a nineteen-year-old pop singer that got her start in 2015. Her rise to fame began with the release of “Ocean Eyes”. However, one Bob Jones student remarks how “Her first song was written at a very young age.” According to Hollywood Insider, “Eilish steadily began to gain more and more attention.” Within the year, Eilish signed a recording deal with Interscope Records and grew exponentially. In 2017, her Instagram grew to over a quarter of a million followers as her music began to take hold of the outside world. By 2018, her fame had more than quadrupled, landing her at over six million followers on Instagram. 2019 was truly an Eilish year and landed Billie in the public’s full attention due to her debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Through all of these years, Billie has wanted to keep hidden away from the public in some ways. However, Jordan Qin said that she has “grown strong enough to ignore any haters.” Billie recently released her newest album, “Happier Than Ever” and it shows the struggles of her becoming famous. Aimee Choup, a senior at Bob Jones, said, “I think what she’s done is pretty iconic, becoming so popular and critically acclaimed so young. I think a lot of the criticism towards her music is held up by peoples’ annoyance at her age.” Billie has pushed through all of her problems, despite being so young and experienced in the world. Her album pushes the boundaries of what is considered pop. She is confident in what she believes in and she knows that she can handle herself now after years of fame and hardship. 

Billie Eilish has worked hard over the years to get to where she is now. Sergio Rivera said, “She’s doing great and being herself.” Another Bob Jones student mentions that “She has cool music to listen to at any time you want.” Kaitlyn Inglis, a senior at Bob Jones, believed, “She deserves so much love and she is so strong and talented.” Inglis also mentioned the fact that Eilish won five Grammys in 2020. This shows that the dedication to her work is paying off and allowing her to achieve her dreams. Her confidence has also played a part in helping her skyrocket to the top and she openly displays this confidence. Recently, she has abandoned her usual baggy attire and adopted clothing that shows her personality more. One of her outfits that she has been seen wearing on September 13th is an extremely long nude-colored dress. This dress takes inspiration from old Hollywood glam and she agreed to wear it on the condition that the designer stops using fur. Jacob Uchitel mentioned this dress in a survey, saying that “her 2021 Met Gala dress was outstanding!”

Overall, Eilish has made enormous strides toward accomplishing her goals and have been achieving them one after one. Each day she wakes up and works for herself to become better and has been met with applause and happiness for what she is doing with her career.