The Lost Causes: A Book Review


MaKayla Brown, Contributor

The Lost Causes by Jessica Koosed and Alyssa Embree Schwartz take you through a series of events that are happening throughout five teenagers’ lives. Everyone has either forgotten about them or given up on them, all of a sudden the FBI is asking them to help solve a local murder that’s taken place in their small town. While trying to manage all the problems with their home life and their school life they must also try and figure out who murdered Lily Carpenter and how to use the abilities the FBI has provided them.

This novel shows you each character’s point of view, so you can start to understand how the character thinks and feels about certain things going on throughout the story, as well as their past and why they do or act the way they do. It talks about topics a lot of teenagers go through that aren’t commonly talked about such as relationships, family issues, drug abuse, and more. It talks about mental health and how that plays a big role and how it can not only affect you mentally but also physically. The authors were able to portray a story set that was entertaining, informative, funny while still being able to provide the reader with a nerve-wracking mystery that takes multiple unexpected terms. 

The characters are all relatable and the background of each character plays a major role throughout the story. Every little detail that you read will eventually get brought up again and will probably leave you with your jaw dropped. The authors have it where the characters show multiple sides to who they are and what they like by flashbacks and random encounters with their friends and family. The plot twist throughout this story is incredible and has me constantly asking myself how I didn’t realize it sooner. 

The Lost Causes has been one of my all-time favorite books, and I am constantly finding myself re-reading it over and over again. If you are interested in reading this book you can find it at the Madison City Library, Barnes and Noble, or click HERE for Amazon.