Bob Jones Musicals: Here We Go Again!


Kaitlyn Inglis, Contributor

After being delayed a year due to COVID, it’s finally time to prepare for our next Bob Jones musical! Following “Catch Me If You Can” back in spring 2019, Mary B. Davis is directing “Mamma Mia” this year. Mamma Mia follows mother and daughter Donna and Sophie in a one of a kind family adventure. Sophie is getting married and hopes to have her father walk down the aisle, but she does not know who her father is, as there are three potential candidates. She invites all three to the wedding in hopes of learning the truth.

We are about to begin the first step of our production of this tale, which is the audition process. This will take place the week of September 20th through the 24th. Each day will bring something new. With set days for singing and dancing, everybody interested will get a chance to showcase their area of talent. You don’t even need to be involved in the drama program to join! We believe in giving an equal opportunity to anybody who auditions. 

Mrs. Davis said if you have already taken at least two theatre classes in your time as a Bob Jones patriot, there is no need to audition with a monologue. However, if you have not, but still wish to audition, you need a monologue of one minute to accompany singing (a song that also needs to be one minute) and learning the dance. Your monologue can be from anything, ranging from the internet, from your favorite show or movie, or you can write it yourself! As for your song, it does not need to be from a musical either. Just a song that you know, love, and showcases your abilities.

Current senior Andie D’Amico (who was a feature dancer in Catch Me if You Can her freshman year) said that putting a show like this together really helps bring people together and gives you special bonds with your castmates. So, why not audition? Rehearsals will not become more frequent until the second semester, and your time will be valued. You may make a new friend or group of friends you wouldn’t have met if you didn’t. Overall, Mamma Mia is going to be a fun experience and we would love to see you there.