Donda Disliked By Most Listeners?


Maximus Montgomery, Contributor

Donda album was released on Aug 29, 2021 It’s considered a very bad album by the populace. From surveys taken, 90% of people think that the album did not sound good and that they did not enjoy it. Although the 10% aka Kanye die-hard fans think that it’s good, I can not help but agree with the 90%.

The album had good intentions but a poor outcome. If you didn’t know, the first song in his album “Donda Chant” was his mother’s last heartbeats before she died in a hospital of a heart attack. Having 27 songs in his album, his top 5 are  “Hurricane,” “Off the Grid,” “Jail,” “Moon,” and “Praise God.” Although the majority of people think that the album is bad, it was not a total failure. For example, a rough estimate of over 300 million plays in a total of all 27 of his songs in the album isn’t too bad. His album also destroyed the first-day streaming records and placed in the second-biggest Spotify album debut, hitting around 94 million and 60 million plays on Spotify and Apple music on the day of release. So even though most people dislike it, it is still doing ok. 

Now some explanation that could explain as to why the Donda album was viewed badly by many listeners. Kanye was outraged and claimed in an Instagram post that his studio released the album without his permission and even prevented “Jail pt 2” from releasing on its initial date. Perhaps if Kanye’s studio did not release the album and gave Kanye more time, the album could have been more enjoyable to some listeners. That case is unlikely as the music that Kanye’s producers supposedly released without his permission, had a set tone for his songs. Unless Kanye was going to redo his whole album, there was no changing how it was going to be viewed by listeners.

On an ending note, the Donda album did well statistically but did not please the majority of people that listened to it.