A Fall Craft for Fall Fun Time

A Fall Craft for Fall Fun Time

Bella Williams, Contributor

Do you enjoy getting crafty? Is fall your favorite season? I mean, why wouldn’t it be? The perfect cool weather, soft fuzzy socks, warm apple cider, picking the perfect pumpkin to carve, and wearing your favorite sweater! Well, why not make a fun fall craft! A yarn pumpkin is easy to make, cute, and cheap.

The supplies you will need are a styrofoam ball, yarn of your choice it can be any color, size, or texture, a knife, a hot glue gun, a large needle, and sticks. 

  1. Your first step is to take your styrofoam ball and use the knife to cut a hole through the middle of your styrofoam ball don’t make the hole too big, but be sure that it is big enough to fit your yarn, needle, and a stick for the stem of the pumpkin. 
  2. Next, you will Take your yarn of choice and thread it through the needle. You will put the needle through the hole and wrap it around the styrofoam ball repeat this until the styrofoam ball is completely covered with yarn, be sure to glue as you go with the hot glue gun so that the yarn doesn’t unravel and make a big mess for you to clean up.
  3. Once you complete wrapping the styrofoam ball with your yarn, cut the yarn and glue down the end. Be sure to glue the end of the yarn inside of the hole so that you don’t see it on the outside of your pumpkin. 
  4. Finally, take a stick that will easily fit in your hole, you can find some in your backyard or you can find cheap artificial sticks at Hobby Lobby, take your stick and glue it into your hole that was used to put the yarn through this will cover the hole and serve as a stem for your pumpkin. 

Now you have made yourself a cute little yarn pumpkin. You can make as many as you want, go crazy, make enough to put them all over your house. This can also make a good fall time gift for your friends and family. I hope you have a fun time making this craft and that it gives your fall a little bit of pumpkin spice.