Squid Game: Child’s Play Gone Wrong


Sage Scarlett Peyote Vines, Writer

Childhood games skewed with a deadly consequence? Squid Game is a Korean drama/action series on Netflix that centers around four hundred and fifty-six players competing to the death for money. This money is needed by all of the characters because each of them is in some sort of debt and endure poor conditions. This means that many of them are highly motivated to obtain this money, despite the fact that if they lose they will be eliminated. This does not just mean that they will just be eliminated from the game; it means that they will be eliminated from life. The critical points of the story focus on Seong Gi-Hun and follow him throughout the games, allowing the readers to catch glimpses of his most vulnerable moments. However, there are several main characters that include Seong Gi-Hun, Abdul Ali, Kang Sae-Byeok, Cho, Sang Woo, Jang Deok-Su, Oh-Il Nam, the Front Man, Han Mi-Nyeo, Ji-Yeong, and Hwang Jun-Ho. These characters interact with each other within a chaotic dynamic and environment that has made the show extremely successful and popular throughout the globe. Bella Wendling, a student at Bob Jones High School, said, “I think it was very good and well thought out.” High praise has been given for this show and its twists on the lives of the players. A student by the name of Sam Robbins commented, “I think that it was full of twists and the games were very fun and anxiety-driven at the same time.” Kaitlyn Hathaway remarked, “I thought it was interesting how they made such childish games become dangerous and scary.”

Squid Game is said to have a realistic approach when portraying character actions and morals. In the show, these people are struggling individuals that have nowhere else to go. Aimee Choup said, ”It does a really good job of explaining how many impossible decisions/uncomfortable situations come from amassing crippling debt.” She also draws conclusions that the show may be teaching some sort of lesson and mentioned, “I think the old man said something like ‘it’s still a game out here’ and he might have even said it was harder.” This is a moral that fleshes out the cruelty of real-life and how Squid Game might not actually be a game but a representation of how hard the world can be. Keenan Neal believes that this show teaches you that you should “not bet your life on money” and this could be a good lesson to follow so that you do not fall victim to a cruel fate. Squid Game demonstrates the greed of people and what they will do to each other when they are on their last leg and in need of money. Jacob Uchitel believed that “money rules everything including life, love, and family” and this is what the actions of the players in the game flesh out.

In conclusion, Squid Game is a well-liked show that points out the flaws within humanity and provides an entertaining basis through the games that the players are put through.