Restaurants: New and Coming Soon!


Emma Cooper, Contributor

New restaurants are here and/or coming soon near you!

Slim Chickens is opening in early December at 130 Outfield Drive near the Trash Panda stadium. There is currently one open at 8168 Hwy 72 W, which is also in Madison.

In addition to the new one in Huntsville, Whataburger is coming to Madison on Hwy 72. According to MaKayla Brown, “They’re building one near my house, too. It’s not near finished yet but there is a sign.”

Cheesecake Factory just opened at Bridgestreet on October 26, and if you saw the opening, the line to wait was wrapped around the building.

Jonathan’s Grille opened recently, and it doesn’t seem to be doing too well on Yelp reviews. Many have said that they understand there will always be mistakes in a new restaurant but with slow service and underwhelming food, it may take a while to get everything to run smoothly.

On a lighter note and if you’re willing to drive to Huntsville, L’etouile Patisserie opened in October on Meridian St. L’etouile Patisserie has great Yelp reviews. A common praise is how good their pastries are as well as the environment they set. They keep French tradition by serving non-flavored coffee as well as, of course, keeping up with the French pastries.

These new restaurants are a sign of growth in our area, and you should be sure to check them out.