Books You Need to Read This Winter

Lona Anderson, Contributor

Book lovers! Do you have a long list of books you need to read? Nine times out of ten there is a giant stack of books sitting on my nightstand. If you’re in that situation too, don’t read this; I’m only going to feed into your reading addiction. Here are the best books in the Science Fiction Genre, and Mystery Genre, to read this winter. 

Science Fiction:

The Ones We’re Meant To Find by Joan He

The Ones We’re Meant To Find is a Science Fiction must-read. In a futuristic world, two stories of two different lives are explored. Sisters Celia and Kasey are split up after Celia takes a boat out to sea and doesn’t return. Kasey must retrace Celia’s steps up to her disappearance in an attempt to figure out where she is, or if she is even alive.


Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Little Fires Everywhere, which also has a TV adaptation, is centered around the lives of the two families; the Richarsons and the Warrens. Mother and daughter duo, Mia and Pearl Warren, move to the town Shaker Heights and rent out a house that is owned by the Richardsons. At first, both families seem to get along, with the kids of each family becoming close to each other. Though, when mother of the Richardson family, Elena, looks into her tenants past, she begins to worry for her family and her reputation. With thrilling and unexpected plot twists, this mystery book will keep you on your feet at all times.

The Distant Dead by Heather Young

The Distant Dead is a novel that focuses mainly on the death of middle school teacher, Adam Merkel. Taking place in a small town in Nevada, Adam’s death is discovered by none other than one of his students; Sal Prentiss. Though suffering from trauma from the sighting, he tells of the death and what he saw; only suspicion starts when Adam’s colleague, Nora Wheaton, believes Sal is not telling the full truth. Nora dives into the perplexity of the death and finds shocking evidence in the process.

Hopefully this list gave you a burst of inspiration; maybe even getting you out of a reading slump. Grab your chosen recommendation, pour some hot tea, and curl up with your favorite book! Happy reading!