Holiday Recipes


Isabelle Thomasy, Contributor

It is finally the wonderful season of Christmas! The time of gathering, gifts, family, and most importantly food! Now that school is out, it is now time to get in the kitchen and create some fun treats to enjoy with the family. But sometimes it is hard to decide what to make or just pick out flavors that you want to emphasize. But to help you make your decision, we have the 12 days of Christmas and some fun hot chocolate recopies.

This website, 12 days of Desserts has so many sweet and savory treats for everyone to enjoy. The first day of Christmas is a seasoned baked pear to represent a“partridge in a pear tree.” To parallel the “two turtle doves” the recipe used is the chocolate turtle candy. Whether you enjoy sweet or salty foods, you can find something tasty from these recipes. The other tasty recipes that are included are definitely worth a try to make for your family. 

One of the most popular drinks during this chilly and cold weather is a nice cup of hot chocolate. This drink is made of a base of milk, cocoa, and sugar. But, over time there have been many different variations with many unique and fun toppings. Now it is so easy to make this drink because of the hot cocoa mix. So if you have some extra hot cocoa mix, this Hot Cocoa Mix Incorporated Desserts website will be perfect for you. It includes treats like brownies, pancakes, pound cake, just to name a few. These hot cocoa-incorporated desserts are worth a try this holiday season.

Both of these websites have a wide variety of fun treats to make with your family. Some are simple and some are more complex, but they are all very tasty and enjoyable. The holidays are about making memories and spending time with people you love and care about. Doing fun activities like making yummy treats and other things can help you spend quality time with the people you love. Hope you enjoy trying out these holiday treats and making memories with your family.