Black Dog Vinyl & Hifi Is The New Place To Be

A new shop is in town. Black Dog Vinyl & Hifi opened recently on Old Madison Pike by the IGA. The store has become a hotspot for vinyl collectors due to its large selection of records. The store also sells audio equipment such as vintage audio equipment, turntables, speakers, and amps. While customers browse through the shelves they can enjoy a hot cup of joe at the coffee shop in the back. 

Black Dog sells both mint condition and used vinyl to willing buyers who want to experience music from a record player instead of a phone. The prices for record players start at about $50 and up. If you are looking to buy a record player, make sure you buy from a reputable seller so none of your vinyl is damaged.

Currently, The store is working hard to expand its record collection. The price of vinyl has risen over the past couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic has nearly doubled this effect. Despite the rise in prices, collectors are still grinding for both vintage and modern records. 

Collecting vinyl has been a popular hobby for generations but has recently become more popular. According to Laetare Rose from Music Times, “The most significant appeal to the buyers is the analog sound it reverberates, which is way better than its digital counterpart. In vinyl, the music and vocals are far closer to the real deal giving it a superior quality effect.” 

Recently, in a survey conducted by the student body, we have discovered that 91% of students who participate have not been to Black Dog. The other 9% who have, all spoke highly of the friendly atmosphere and the staff. Another interviewee enthusiastically recommended more people to go check out the store! 

Great music selection and great coffee! Owners are extremely friendly,” said Elliot McCoy in a review on Google.

It’s important to support small businesses to help grow our own economy in Madison. By supporting small businesses instead of large corporations like Wal-Mart and Target, we can help bring in more business for the community to enjoy. Hopefully, with continued support, Black Dog will only become the first of many new shops to open up in Madison.