Tame Impala: A Concert in Review


Katie Steele, Writer

Last week, a one-man band called Tame Impala performed at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. When the band took the stage around 9:00PM, the rest of the night was nothing but excitement.

He opened the show with his song “One More Year.” From the moment he walked on the stage, his presence was appreciated by everybody and the whole crowd was chanting his name, Kevin Parker. His set was about 2 hours long, which is much longer than any of the other shows I have been to. His setlist also flowed very well. One song that was very impressive during the first half of the setlist was “Elephant.” The visuals during this song matched exactly to the music and it was pretty much like watching a light show with music in the back. Kevin Parker’s voice was smooth and he sounded almost better than he did in the studio version of this song. 

The second part of his show had many of his popular songs. This included “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” “Eventually,” and “New Person, Same Old Mistakes.” The first one was the showstopper for me, but it is my personal favorite song by them so I’m not surprised. “Eventually” was a song that the entire crowd knew. I did not see one person not singing the words to that song. The second verse was screamed by the entire audience. “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” had a moment where the entire crowd in the mosh pit was jumping. He took occasional breaks to talk to the crowd, making it feel like he was talking to us individually. And after a brief talk with us after the previously mentioned song, he walked off the stage.

But, of course, the crowd started chanting “Encore, Encore!” Not soon later, Kevin Parker came back out onto the stage and began singing he most popular song, “The Less I Know the Better.” This song was the most exciting from the entire show. The crowd knew the show was coming to an end soon, so they went all out and screamed the entire song. His final song was called “One More Hour,” which was fitting since he began the show with “One More Year.” This song was much calmer, with parts of the songs not having any crazy light, but simply just a spotlight on him singing. The show closed with the circular halo light descending and flashing its last colors onto the crowd.

During the show, Kevin Parker told the crowd that this was the last show on his tour, and he definitely went out with a bang. If you ever have the opportunity, I would recommend going to a Tame Impala concert, even if you don’t know the songs, because you will see a show unlike any other.