Dinner with the Drumline

Amelie Golos, Contributor

The Bob Jones and Discovery indoor drumlines, along with the JV and Varsity winter guards, performed their shows for friends and family at Dinner with the Drumline on April 5.

Usually, only the drumlines perform, but due to certain circumstances, the Winter Guards were asked to participate. “It was really fun to perform in our uniforms again; however, I think this was only a one-time thing due to uniform mishaps,” said sophomore Nona Sellers. Even though the guards may not perform at Dinner with the Drumline, the drumline was very supportive and made sure they felt welcomed. “I thought the guard was an excellent addition to the dinner because we don’t get many opportunities to see each other’s shows,’’ said sophomore Evan Stout. “If they perform at Dinner with the Drumline again, I think it would be awesome to have them!”

Along with a show, guests were given dinner and were able to participate in an auction, though people mostly came to see the shows. All four groups did an amazing job and the audience made sure they knew, cheering them on when it was appropriate.