Simple Machine, Hours of Fun


Julia Schwartz, Contributor

Do you like puzzles? Do you like simple, easy-to-understand games that will keep you entertained for hours? Maybe you don’t, and then this isn’t for you. If you do like those, then I have the perfect game for you. Or rather, games! Simple Machine is a developer I recently discovered. They have numerous fun games, and ever since I found them, I haven’t been been able to set my phone down!

Their first game that I found is called Calculator: The Game. This game follows the story of you solving puzzles on an ambitious calculator who aims to rule the world. I know this sounds funny, but it’s true. And also really cute! You are solving math problems, at first “normally”, to get to the goal in the given number of moves. But then, as you progress, you unlock new buttons. These buttons allow you to do things like copy and paste the current numbers, shift every number to the left or right, and add all the numbers together. The puzzles are really engaging and challenging, but don’t worry. If you are having trouble, you can get a hint by watching an ad. One hint often sets me on the right track, so that’s all I usually need. I haven’t yet finished the game, so I can’t tell you the ending (if there even is one). Most of you probably don’t like spoilers anyway. They also have a sequel to the game, but I’m not sure how much is related to the original game, since I haven’t even finished that yet.

Smove is another of their games. In this one, you are given a 3 x 3 grid and move a little dot around collecting squares that appear on the grid and avoiding larger dots that will float by. It’s a simple concept, and one that some of you might have heard of before. Their most simple game might be Pop the Lock, where you are basically trying to tap at the correct moment, when a line lines up with a dot. This one is especially great if you are bored and just want to pass the time.

Their last game is called _-_, which is weird but fitting since the aim of the game is to line up different dashes in the middle of the screen. Most of the dashes affect some of the other ones, moving them up or down according to how you move the selected one. It’s another puzzle game with quick levels, which gets a little more challenging with each one.

I absolutely love these games. They are really thought provoking, teaching you to think in different ways about puzzles while keeping you entertained. I recommend them to anyone interested in puzzles or looking for a new game!