Author Georgina Cross Visits Bob Jones

Baraka Busambwa and Brandon Smith

Most of us read books. These books tell stories, and those stories are created in writers’ minds. Those writers spend a great deal of time developing characters, plot points, and their own style. Many people have wondered, “What goes on inside the heads of these authors?” One of the best things an avid fan can ask for is to have a sit-down chat with an author, whether to ask pressing questions about a particular work or to seek advice about writing or a career in writing.

Author Georgina Cross gave Bob Jones students an opportunity to do just that. Mrs. Cross graciously came to Mrs. Ashford’s English class to talk about her books and her writing style. She is the author of Nanny Needed, The Stepdaughter, and The Missing Woman, and she has two more books set for publication this year. 

Mrs. Cross commented on how her life can influence her books and fielded questions from students. She was even inspired by a few students. Mrs. Cross also discussed how suspense affects the book and briefly touched upon the popularity of Amish romance. Her talk was helpful to aspiring writers, and hopefully, she can visit Bob Jones again.

For more info on Georgina Cross and her books, visit the following: Instagram: @georginacrossauthor or Twitter: @gcrossauthor