Summer 2022 Films


Hannah Southward, Contributor


As a child, I was never a huge fan of the Toy Story series. I watched the third one on repeat because I had the DVD, but even so, I was never enthusiastic about it. However, it’s had its moments and certainly deserves the praise it gets. On June 17th, our favorite plastic astronaut, Buzz, will star in Lightyear, his own movie. After watching the trailer, I honestly have no idea what it’s about. Space obviously, robots, aliens, possible time travel, but the strangest thing is that he is in fact, not plastic. He is an actual human, which is a little weird, but I’m sure the movie will be fun.


Jurassic World Domination-

Why are they making another one? I mean, raptors running beside cars and pterodactyls chilling on the roofs will make for some fun action and visuals, but at this point, after five movies, we don’t need another one. The last one served as a fine ending, but of course, Hollywood’s gonna milk this one forever. On June 10th, watch to see how humans and dinosaurs coexist! 


Thor: Love and Thunder

Now, I’m pretty invested in the Marvel cinematic universe. It was a long long phase of mine, but I grew out of it. Or, more accurately, I grow out of it until they release another movie or show and I’m back down in the rabbit hole. As a fan of Norse mythology, and muscle men with long hair, Thor is one of my favorite Avengers and Loki is my favorite villain, so I am very excited about this movie. On July 8th, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) wants to retire but is pushed into conflict by a villain played by Christan Bale. Sounds good to me, but I will be incredibly angry if I do not see my favorite trickster god.



I saw the trailer for this movie during the Superbowl, and I remember thinking it looked very pretty and very cool. I love horror, and this looked like a fun take on the alien in a farm situation. It’s never explicitly said to be an alien, but that’s just the vibe I’m getting. It has a lot of great actors like Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaalua, and Barbie Ferreira, and I hope it’s good. It comes out on July 22.