New Coffee Shop Brings New Orleans to Madison

New Coffee Shop Brings New Orleans to Madison

Sophie Ingram, Writer

A new coffee shop, PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans, recently opened. PJ’s is located at 243 Browns Ferry Rd in Madison. So far, their opening has been very well-received, and as showcased by their official Facebook, their lobby and convenient drive-through have been packed with new customers.

PJ’s offers not only coffee, but also a wide variety of pastries, breakfast sandwiches, hot or iced tea, and frozen beverages. Perhaps their biggest selling factor so far is their homemade New Orleans-style beignets. On their official website, PJ’s markets their beignets as a “hot and billowy fried French pastry,” which certainly sounds appealing to me. Sticking to their roots, PJ’s also serves a Cafe Au Lait, which is a New Orleans specialty.

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans was founded in- you guessed it- New Orleans in 1978 by Phyllis Jordan. According to PJ’s website, they promise to show that “better beans, superior roasting techniques, and pure passion for the art of coffee-making” truly matters. They boast only the “best quality arabica beans,” and they care about sustainability and farm-to-cup sourcing methods. They are also a proud supporter of dozens of charitable organizations.

With a quick glance at PJ’s social media accounts, one can see they are buzzing with new customers every day. But how do the students of Bob Jones feel about yet another coffee shop opening in the area? According to a survey taken by Bob Jones students of every grade, almost 59% of students do not visit coffee shops often. While many adults drink coffee on a daily basis, only 15.2% of students who took the survey drink coffee every day. 47.8% of students drink coffee occasionally, 21.7% rarely drink coffee, and 15.2% said they never drink coffee. These statistics show that despite coffee shops often being thought of as a popular hang-out and study spot for teens, PJ’s may not be teaming with Bob Jones students upon its opening.

So, the next time you and your friends or family decide to get together, maybe to cram for that test or just to hang out and talk, consider giving PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans a visit. The cozy, well-decorated interior and welcoming atmosphere is sure to make you feel right at home. You could even give one of their famed beignets a try!