Love at First Bite


True love bites when it comes to a teenage zombie hunter, who ironically falls in love with a guy she has been told to kill.

Laura Pate, writer

Warm Bodies came out on February 1st, and it isn’t a typical girl-likes-boy flick.  It’s not even a typical zombie flick.

The movie is about a city surrounded by a gargantuan wall, separating the people within from those on the outside. The ones on the outside of the wall are getting infected constantly, thus turning into zombies. The inhabitants of the city have limited resources and rely on the fastest, strongest, and most able (ironically): the teenagers.

These teenagers are in charge of getting food and medicine from beyond the wall, but they get cornered by the zombies that are hungry for human flesh. So R, a zombie, eats Julie’s boyfriend but feels a twinge within him and saves her from being eaten. Like all typical teenage romantic comedies, they fall in love.

R keeps Julie safe while helping her return back to the city, unknowingly becoming more and more human. Julie later finds out that R killed her boyfriend and runs away, back to the city. R follows her, unable to let her go. As a result of their falling in love, they spark a change in the zombies.

“If my boyfriend was a zombie, I wouldn’t know whether to run away and forget, or try and find a cure,” admits Janie Spalding, a senior.

It just goes to show you can’t judge a zombie by the amount of rotten flesh on their bones.