Is the Game Really Over?


The official movie poster for Ender's Game.

Maegan Baldwin, Writer, Site Editor

Movies based on well known and loved books are always hard to produce. Readers are protective of the relationships, ideas, and images they created when they read books. They became friends with the characters, and they become especially critical when their ideas are not portrayed correctly on the big screen.

On November 1, 2013, Ender’s Game hit the theaters at Gavin Hood’s direction, which was based on Orson Scott’s sci-fi psychological novel (

Since 1977, when Ender’s Game was first published by Tor Science Fiction (, many people have read and fallen in love with this story of a boy’s struggle to save the human race from a potential danger. Among these avid readers is Bob Jones very own Honor and AP Physics teacher Greg Duvall.

For ten years now, Mr. Duvall has required all of his classes to read Ender’s Game, and he will be the first to admit that it is not the greatest thing ever written, but he enjoys the novel and thinks it is a great read.

“Well, I haven’t seen it yet, because I’m afraid they might mess it up!” Mr. Duvall exclaims, as he is fearful from the stories he’s heard of the movie from his students.

Overall it was a well put together movie; though the story felt rushed, the cinematography was phenomenal. The people who haven’t read the book might’ve been lost after a few poorly portrayed plot turns, but overall they think it was good; the people who have enjoyed the book believed that the movie abbreviated way too much.

Emily Bohatch, a senior, believes that “the movie didn’t even come close [to the book]. It didn’t portray the intensity of the situation at all, and seriously underplayed the stress on Ender.”

A similar complaint was made by many avid readers. Though Gavin Hood did well in not taking too many creative liberties in the story line, he failed in his attempt to keep the story within the generally accepted movie length time.

An idea shared by Victor Rosado, a recent Bob Jones graduate, is that they could’ve made more than one movie to “emphasize on the battle school, the part most people liked.”

If the movie had been separated into a couple movies, fans may have been happier, because the director could’ve paid more attention to detail and enhanced the story line.

Whether you’ve read the book or not, you can still catch it at Monaco Pictures at Bridge Street to form your own opinions.

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