Movie Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service


Patrick Brady, Writer

The Kingsmen: Secret Service is a hilarious and unpredictable action-comedy about a man becoming a gentleman and saving the world.  The movie is throwback to the good old age of classic spy movies set in London. It stars Taron Egerton as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, a once potential genius now juvenile delinquent after his mom’s bad decisions. Eggsy lost his father on one of his secret missions.  As a token of apology on the account of the family’s loss and lack information, the agent gives them his heroic medal along with any “favor” of their choosing. It is when this favor is redeemed when Eggsy’s life starts to find him a purpose.

Samuel. L Jackson plays Richmond Valentine, the main villain, as a squeamish super genius billionaire gangster, with a lisp. At first, his idea seems very good-willed and only motivated to protect the planet but slowly you realize the ill intent. The surprising way that his plan unfolds is one of the most sudden and jaw dropping moments in the entire movie.  Along his side is bladed prosthetic legged Gazelle played by Sofia Boutella, and no sadly those aren’t her real legs.

As every other spy movie there is always fight scenes using complicated methods and the latest in spy gadgetry.  Kingsmen finds a way to not only make them look amazing but also inserts multiple comedy points during the fights to break some of the seriousness. The special effects budget was almost entirely put into these amazing fights scenes and CGI combat, not leaving much for fancy visual effects. Instead of weak and un-thrilling explosions or animations  (which are very obviously fake) director, Matthew Vaughn, instead uses these points to make people laugh at he comedic absurdities of it.

While the movie is a great and refreshing to theaters it is NOT made for all audiences. The movie is rated R for an obvious reason. You don’t want to go see this with your girlfriend or the family (especially mom). This is intended for just a group of friends that don’t mind a few obscenities.

All-in-all just a really good movie.