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The new F'loom group.

Storm Taylor

Pop quiz. How many people does it take to create a delectable infusion of original all-vocal harmony? If you answered, “three” you are correct. According to the trio themselves as posted on

“Here are some descriptors that hint at what we do:

avant cappella post-dada doo-wop sound-text compositions polyrhythmic mouth percussion three-headed performance poetry a cappella linguistic polysemy extended vocal techniques Mummenschanz rap.”

F’loom, the self-titled maiden voyage of group, takes the listener on a journey through the confounding flexibility of the human voice. However, the album’s charm is not derived from this alone. F’loom features gleaming wit, social commentary, political humor, poetry, prose, and intellectual musings to produce a zesty, one-of-a-kind experience.

Track two – “Online;-)”  is a commentary on the pervasive existence of the internet in everyday life. Track eight – “The Postman-Hill Victory Correspondence” is peppered with satire while considering the topics of the American Dream, the cultural desire to accumulate possessions, and the Faustian bargains people make to achieve success. “10 Outcomes of Gnegg’s Space-Time Paradox” explores ten solutions to a quantum physics problem that results from time travel. Other tracks like “GHI Térakita” and “Just for a Few Minutes” are playful representations of the human voice’s capacity for inflection and tractability.

While all the tracks on this album are a treat, the songs mentioned above are some of my favorites. They take what is familiar, the voice, and put a new spin on it. Not quite speaking and not quite singing, a new dimension is revealed in vocal expression. In addition to sonic innovation and vocal prowess, the incisive humor demonstrated on these tracks is refreshing.

By now you may be wondering, “Who are these people? Why haven’t I heard of them?”  If you would like to learn more, please visit their website at Follow this link for a 2007 live performance on YouTube: .