Hungry for Something New?

Matthew Mitchell, Writer

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We all have those days when we crave pizza or Mexican food, and most people are always up for something new.

Two new restaurants are now in Madison: Pizza 120 and Las Trojas.  Pizza 120 is located at 107 A Brookridge Drive Madison, AL 35758. It may be the best new place to grab a slice because the menu is also crazy! They have everything from a cheeseburger pizza to chocolate-covered pizza. Many students have already tried these two new restaurants. Student Michael Samaras said, “I recently went to Pizza 120, and it was delicious. They also have great food service.”  This is a “Have it Your Way” kind of Pizza Place. You can get Cheese Pizza ($5.99) or for $7.99 order any of the pre-set combinations or custom design your own pizza with any of the toppings offered…. No limit…whatever you want for the same price. They offer a regular crust or a gluten-free crust.

Now for the Mexican food… Las Trojas is a new place to eat some Mexican food. It is located at 7840 HIGHWAY 72 WEST MADISON, AL 357858 in the old Surie building.  To their credit, they were slammed on a recent Sunday, but the wait staff seemed to be keeping up with it. Plates disappeared in a heartbeat and so did the great food off the buffet. Student Olivia Holden said, “ It’s amazing, definitely one of the best Mexican restaurants in Huntsville.”

So if you’re looking for a new taste, these are the restaurants for you.






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